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This is a cocktail party problem. Throw a few microphones around the party room and they pick up snippets of conversation. But watch the people – by tracking who is touching someone’s hand, who is scanning the room for the best company – and the whole picture begins to take on the right context


David Gruber.

Project CETI

Next Event: A Satellite Activity


During this event, we will be recreating the sensation of noise transforming what is scientifically considered dangerous for underwater species, in a way that highlights it.


This will not be limited to returning to the human ear an aseptic photograph of the underwater soundscape, but will recreate the sound sensations that underwater species undergo in humans.

To do this we will work with not only sound but also musical materials coming from different languages and traditions, researching and transforming those environmental and musical sounds that human beings consider "noises".

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A contribution to the UN Ocean Decade, learn more:
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